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Hey gorgeous, it's nice to meet you!
I never thought that I was an artist until I found Lashes. I was always in the hospitality industry and felt like there was more. I would always quit jobs, but that all changed when I got my lashes done for the first time..
I remember getting my lashes done and feeling absolutely beautiful after getting them done for the first time. When I went back for my first fill, I remember picking my lash artist's brain about how I could learn to do them. Once I found out that I had to become an aesthetician there was no stopping me. I went to school and focused on lashes and skin, my two passions!
Retention was always my issue and why I decided to try Premade Lashes. I ended up getting the best retention with them and I was like,
"Oh, yes I need these in my life always." I love premade Lashes so much that I designed my own line of mega volume Premade Lashes.. I wanted to create the best 0.03 Premade Lash out there that had the best snatched base as well as gave something that was customizable, dark and dense. 
Once I created my premade line I also created a Premade Course to allow other women to further their education. Premades have always had a bad rap and I’m here to end the stigma, because they are here to take over the lash industry. 

Hi babe,  I'm Michelle